Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hart To Hart - The Blog-o-Rama Christmas Show A Day.

'Tis The Season To Be Murdered


'Hart to Hart', starring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers aired on ABC television from 1979-84.

Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) was a self-made millionaire and the CEO of Hart Industries, a global conglomerate. His wife Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) was a beautiful freelance journalist. Living the jetset lifestyle, the glamorous couple spent their free time as amateur detectives and in every episode they found themselves involved in cases of smuggling, theft, international espionage and, most commonly, murder. At their opulent Californian home, they were assisted by Max (Lionel Stander), their loyal, gravelly-voiced butler, cook, and chauffeur who also helped out in their "cases". The Hart's pet dog was "Freeway", named so because he was a stray they had rescued when he was found wandering on the freeway. 

If you have never seen this show believe me when I tell you it was very entertaining.  Wagner and Powers as a couple was cast perfectly and in general the shows were extremely well written, being both witty, fun, and exciting at the same time.

This episode naturally takes place during the Christmas season.  The Harts go undercover at their toy company to expose a costly security leak.  Watch it and enjoy!

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