Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picket Fences - The Blog-o-Rama Thanksgiving Show A Day.

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I used to really like Picket Fences when it aired from 1992-96.  Tom Skerritt is an excellent actor.  Watching this Thanksgiving episode made me wish I owned the series.

Picket Fences deals with life in a small town - in this case the town of Rome, Wisconsin; it centers around the Brock Family. Jimmy Brock is the Sheriff of the town and likes to think he's the center of attention. His wife Jill is the town doctor; they have three children: Kimberly, 18, Matthew, 13 and Zachary, 10. A lot happens in this small town from bizarre murders to rape, assault, drunk driving, kidnapping & spontaneous human combustion. It seems that all the crimes that have occurred in the whole of the United States have at one point or another happened in Rome and they have to deal with it in their own quirky way.

This episode, titled fittingly enough, Thanksgiving, has Jill's father arriving in Rome with his new twenty-six-year-old girlfriend. Wambaugh finds his wife in bed with another man.  And so life goes in Rome.  Enjoy.

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