Monday, November 30, 2009

Highway Patrol - The Blog-o-Rama Christmas Show A Day.

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Christmas Story


You might want to call this show the original CHiPs, only you won't find Erik Estrada in this version of the California Highway Patrol.  Instead you get the steadfast Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Matthews, the gruff and dedicated of a police force in a state, although not identified as California, is nevertheless taken for granted that it is.  This was a syndicated series that ran from 1955-59.

In this Christmas episode, Ted Spaeth's career as a successful architect has caused him to neglect his wife Laura and their six-year old daughter Julie.  When he arrives home on Christmas Eve, he finds that his wife and daughter have left him and he takes off to find them.  The highway patrol becomes involved when the girl goes missing in search of Santa Claus.  Interestingly, this episode originally aired, not in December, but in June, the last show of the season, on June 25, 1956.

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