Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daniel Boone - The Blog-o-Rama Thanksgiving Show A Day.

The Fess Parker Winery in Los Olivos, California.

Image via Wikipedia  Fess Parker Winery in Los Olivos

The Thanksgiving Story!


From season two of Daniel Boone comes "The Thanksgiving Story".  In this episode, Daniel and Jericho Jones are in a hurry to return to Boonesborough in time for Thanksgiving. They make it in time but then a messenger brings news that the Choctaws are on the warpath.

Oh my goodness!  What will happen?  I already know, but you can only find out by watching the latest 'Thanksgiving Show-a-Day' here at the Blog-o-Rama of ye olde Riesen2b!

<a href="">Daniel Boone - The Thanksgiving Story-S02E10</a>

By the way, you can catch many more episodes of Daniel Boone, which starred the great Fess Parker himself (believe it or not, he is still alive and well and owns a winery in California), as well as Ed Ames, Patricia Blair, and Darby Hinton.

This great series aired from 1964-70.  If you have never seen the show and like adventure, then you may enjoy this.


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