Monday, November 23, 2009

Adam Lambert Too Hot For ABC AMA Awards Viewers.

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ABC is reporting that  more than 1,500 people have called to complain about Adam Lambert's over-the-top, sexually energized performance at the AMA's on Sunday night.  Seems the androgynous Lambert was too much for the puritan television viewers, although

ABC described the response as being moderate.

Lambert had stated before the show that he wanted to break down a double standard that existed where female performers are often sexually provocative while men don't do it that often.

The hostile comments crept up online about the "American Idol" glam rocker who sang his new song "For Your Entertainment" on Sunday's show, which had a decidely elaborate, S&M-theme. During the song, Lambert fondled a dancer, led another around on a leash, had a dancer briefly stick his head in Lambert's crotch and kissed a man.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.  Is it too much?

You know what they say, controversy sells and that is probably Lambert's intention with this performance was all along. 


Oh yeah, and one little side note about the awards.  On the west coast broadcast, which is taped, J-Lo's fall during her performance was edited out--poorly.   Without seeing the live broadcast you could tell exactly where they made the edit.

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