Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ABC News Cancels Adam Lambert Gig On Good Morning America.

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Did you turn in to ABC's Good Morning America this morning to see Adam Lambert perform?  Did you sit through the entire show waiting, only to realize the American Idol runner up from last season was not making an appearance as had been scheduled?  Are the executives in charge of news programs at ABC a bunch of homophobes?

Turns out the executives for ABC News got cold feet after Lambert's bold, sexually provocative performance on the American Music Awards Sunday night.  They felt that too many young children would be watching early in the morning.  I say, who are they kidding?  Most kids I know are watching anything other than Good Morning America while eating their Cocoa Puffs.

CBS proved that they aren't too shy to have Adam on and have scheduled him for The Early Show to discuss his performance, his GMA cancellation, and also to perform.

ABC denies that their parent company, Walt Disney Co. had any say in the matter.  I would guess that is true.  But I also think their towering influence as owners of ABC leads executives of the broadcasting company to make decisions based on who owns them.

Thumbs up to CBS.

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