Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vegas Visitors Can Now Float On Cloud Nine

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There's a new way to get a view of the strip - hovering 500 feet in mid-air. With tickets starting at just $22.50 for adults and discounts for locals, you'll be floating on cloud nine.

Cloud Nine is the world’s largest helium-filled, land-tethered balloon. It is seven stories wide and 11 stories tall and contains 210,000 cubic feet of helium. It’s tethered to the ground by a pulley system.

Prices run from $22.50 to $27.50 for adults, depending on the time of day, and flights typically last 10 to 12 minutes. Cloud Nine also runs family packages and is planning to introduce locals, military and teacher discounts in the coming weeks.

The area where the balloon is docked includes a ticketing building, picnic tables, a garden area with wind sculptures and plaques with information on famous aviators. Cloud Nine is also planning to start a food and beverage service for visitors.

Source: Las Vegas Sun.

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