Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Guns Of Will Sonnett: A Great Western That Was Totally Underrated.


Somewhere deep in my memory I always remembered the title of this show, but couldn't tell you if I ever watched it when it originally aired on ABC.  The show aired from 1967-1969 for two seasons and starred Walter Brennan and Dack Rambo as Grandfather and Grandson journeyed across the country in search of their son and father, James Sonnett.

James had a reputation for being a notorious gunslinger and every place they went their were people who wanted him dead.  In many cases they went after Will and his Grandson because they were related.  Each half hour episode found them in a new city with new guest stars.

Unlike most series with a similar premise, the problem was resolved during the life of the series. In the second season finale, "Three Stand Together", Will and Jeff eventually located and linked up with James. The three became lawmen together in a small town, Will as town marshal and the other two as his deputies. Had there been a third season for this series, it would have been as a much more conventional Western.

The entire series was released by Timeless Video which has also issued many other classic westerns.  They specialize in series that the bigger video companies have decided not to release and I have several others including, M Squad, starring Lee Marvin, Wagon Train, the complete color season, Tales Of Wells Fargo, starring Dale Robertson, and Branded, with Chuck Connors.  Any of these series are available at Amazon.Com or at TimelessVideo.Com.

I'm posting this article because I see that a lot of people are visiting this blog looking for an article on Will Sonnett because of the information I have on the show in the sidebar.  Most of the query's are for the opening theme of the show and you will find that in the video above.  Below, in three parts, is an episode of The Guns Of Will Sonnett.

In this episode, Will pleads Jeff's case after a lynch mob accuses the boy of murdering a storekeeper.

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