Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Blog-o-Rama Spooky Fest: The Bat People

key_art_the_bat_people From 1974 comes The Bat People, a creepy B-movie delight that stars such big name stars as Stuart Moss, Michael Pataki, Marianne McAndrew, and Paul Carr.  Yes, I know.  I've never heard of them either.  At any rate, I watched this on Hulu and was moderately amused by it.  Thus, here is my choice for tonight's Spooky Fest.

A doctor is attacked by a swarm of bats. At first, he seems fine, but his new bride insists that he go to a nearby hospital for a rabies shot. He has a violent reaction, and metamorphoses into a strange man-bat, committing a series of gruesome murders.

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