Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Look At ABC's New Fall Lineup - For The Year 1970

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This video is pretty enjoyable for those of us who were living back then.
The 1970 ABC Television Network programming promo special. This was shown to get viewers excited for the upcoming fall schedule. Shows promoted include: "The Young Lawyers", "The Silent Force", "ABC Monday Night Football", "The Mod Squad", "ABC Movie of the Week", "Marcus Welby MD", "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", "Make Room for Granddaddy", "Room 222", "The Johnny Cash Show", "Dan August", "ABC Evening News", "Matt Lincoln", "Bewitched", "Barefoot in the Park", "The Odd Couple", "The Immortal", "The Brady Bunch", "Nanny and the Professor", "The Partridge Family", "That Girl", "Love, American Style", "This is Tom Jones", "Let's Make a Deal", "The Newlywed Game", "The Lawrence Welk Show", "The Most Deadly Game", "The Young Rebels", "The FBI", and "The ABC Sunday Night Movie". Quite a few hits in this group, as you can see. Some are now considered classics. Makes you wonder what the heck has happened to network television since then.

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Clyde said...

That Young Lawyers show was decent but I think it only last one year. Zalman King who starred in it went on to produce Red Shoes Diaries. The Silent Force or whatever it was didn't last long but Lynda Day George was hot. About 90 percent of the Movies of the Week were forgettable, although I wouldn't mind seeing that Herschel Bernardi one just because of the cast involved. I did not like Eddie's Father, although I loved the movie it was based on. Make Room For Granddaddy didn't work. I own the first season of Room 222. Burt Reynolds, what ever happend to him? Speaking of Matt Lincoln, I'd wish they would dig up Ben Casey and air it or put it on DVD.
And guess what? Let's make a deal is back replacing Guiding Light.


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