Wednesday, July 15, 2009

US Magazine Provides Video Of Michael Jackson's Pepsi Ad Gone Haywire. Jackson Dances As Flames Engulf His Head.

I had this video posted a little earlier but removed it when I realized the embed code didn't work. The problem has been rectified, so here it is again.

This accident, which caused second and third degree burns to Michael Jackson's head and face, is supposedly what began his years of drug addiction for pain killers. After watching this, I am not surprised. They were on the sixth take of this add for Pepsi-Cola when the pyrotechnics exploded early. Michael continues to perform as flames begin to engulf his head. When he spins around you can see the smoke just fuming from his scalp. It is at that point that crew members surround him and douse the flames. As he is being led away you can see his bald scalp, completely red from where he had been burned.

If you are the least bit squeamish I suggest that you take a pass on this video. It is however, what many people have been curious about for years. I don't think it has ever been shown before.

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