Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who Will Be Metallo On Smallville Season Nine? Find Out Here!

Metallo as drawn by John Byrne in Superman v2 #1.Image via Wikipedia

It appears that the first two episodes of Smallville next season will not deal with Zod, as season eight's season finale would have led us to believe. Instead, according to,
Brian Austin Green has been cast on Smallville as the DC Comics villain Metallo.

That's right — fresh off of his role on the cancelled Sarah Conner Chronicles, Green is now playing a cyborg himself. Green will appear as the kryptonite-powered villain (alter ego "Daily Planet" journo John Corben) in at least the first two episodes of Season 9, which premieres on it's new night, Friday, Sept. 25.

Green passed on the role of sports agent Clayton on One Tree Hill in order to take this role. Prior to that, Green had been attached to the CW pilot Body Politic, a series that wasn't picked up by the network.
Previously (see article below) Green had been campaigning to be the Green Lantern.

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