Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jonas Brothers: Hyped By The Media But Dissed By The Fans.

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When you read articles or see stories on entertainment shows about the Jonas Brothers, you are usually led to believe that they are the most popular boys group since the Beatles. If the box office returns for the Jonas Brothers movie are any indication however, I think the press is exaggerating quite a bit.

The second weekend at the box office for their concert film took a 78 percent nosedive from last weeks disappointing opening week and landed the film in ninth place, where it is only downhill from there.

Like many artists before them, they are evidently just prefabricated tools of Disney and other companies just out to suck as much money from them in as little time as they can before they spit them out and move on to the next bubblegum star or starlet of the day.

Too bad that most of these young people don't grasp onto the notion of how fleeting fame really is. Perhaps all those who tried to get into show business and never succeeded are really the lucky ones.

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