Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Charles In Charge" With Scott Baio Is Now At Hulu.Com

key_art_charles_in_charge It was a comedy from the mid eighties starring former Happy Days cast member Scott Baio (remember Joanie Loves Chachi?) and it was a pretty funny show.  And now Hulu.Com has the first season available for viewing.

The show is about Charles, a nineteen-year-old college student who, in exchange for room and board, serves as a live-in nanny to three energetic children. Helping Charles through his more trying moments is his irreverent friend Buddy Lembeck (Willie Aames). A classic family comedy, "Charles in Charge" remains a popular series for all audiences as well as a cultural touchstone for a generation of fans who wanted nothing more than for Scott Baio to be in charge of their days and their nights.

There is one episode called Discipline which is currently not available due to rights issues.  Other than that, watch the pilot episode here and then click here to see the other 20 episodes.

In the pilot episode, Charles' attempt to impress the campus beauty goes awry.

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