Sunday, March 22, 2009

Classic Game Shows From The 50's.

TV Game Shows at their prime and before the scandal. Here are several episodes that I have found at Internet Archive.

Dollar A Second
Complete with ads for Mogen David Wines.

Beat The Clock
I was more familiar with this show later when it was hosted by Bob Barker.

Okay, Mother
Hosted by Dennis James, this is the only surviving copy of this show.

Quick As A Flash
From 1952, an NBC show that in this episode has Boris Karloff as a guest.

The Price Is Right
From 1957 and hosted by Bill Cullens, this is not the format for the show that now exists.

The Face Is Familiar
This show was a summer series from the mid 60's but since it was so interesting I decided to post it. Hosted by Jack Whitaker, guest stars are Bob Crane and June Lockhart.

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