Monday, January 5, 2009

The Ramen Girl: I Feel Ashamed.

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After watching this international trailer for "The Ramen Girl", starring Brittany Murphy, I feel ashamed of the fact that probably the only ramen noodles I have ever eaten are the cup o' noodles you buy at a grocery store. Who knew that this noodle soup could have so much meaning?

Abruptly abandoned by her boyfriend, a young American woman (Murphy) finds herself suddenly alone and adrift in Tokyo. Lost in the shuffle of a foreign culture, and seeking to console herself, Abby winds up hanging out in her neighborhood ramen shop. After observing the magical effects of the shop's ramen on the customers, Abby convinces herself that her true path in life is to become a ramen chef. Abby persuades the shop's tyrannical, temperamental Japanese master chef to teach her the art of making ramen. And although their relationship is contentious and rocky, they both discover the most important ingredient of all - that each ramen bowl must contain a universe of feeling and truly be a gift from the heart.

-Obtained at TrailerAddict.Com.

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