Friday, December 26, 2008

"Serbis" (Service) Looks Like A Great Filipino Movie.

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You don't often hear about a movie from the Philippines receiving a lot of critical acclaim. "Serbis" appears to be the exception.
The film, as described by TrailerAddict.Com:
Serbis, from acclaimed Filipino director Brillante Mendoza, is about the Pineda family, who operates and lives in a run-down movie house that shows dated sexy double-feature films. As they go about their daily activities, we get a glimpse of how the family suffers and deals with each other’s sins and vices. Preoccupied with their own personal demons, they are unmindful that inside their movie theater another kind of business is going on between the “serbis” boys (male prostitutes) and the gay patrons.

Don't let the fact that it deals with male prostitutes put you off as the film appears to deal with much more. Watch this trailer and you will see for yourself.

Here also, is the international trailer for the film, which is a totally different trailer than you have just seen. Incidentally, Mercedes Cabral is the beautiful actress you see in this film.

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