Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Gap". The Movie, Not The Clothing Store. Watch The Trailer


I have no idea what this movie is about, other than to say it looks pretty sick and twisted.  As far as slasher films go, this one takes the word degenerate to a whole new plane of existence.  Even after I read the following description at TrailerAddict.Com I couldn't quite figure out the plot.  It apparently deals with a serial killer of some sort.

The synopsis from TrailerAddict.Com for Gap:

There are many GAPS. These gaps cause divides and arguments and hatred. And because there are so many gaps, there must be a many lessons taught. Gap the movie, tells us that there is a man out there who is teaching this lesson by taking the blood of the ignorant.
The rich, who disdain and distance themselves from the poor, the "skater dudes" slamming in to the aging hippie, the attacks on color and culture, the media's mockery of the overweight. The left and the right are both Americans, but from different worlds. The pretty, pretty pressed against the ugly in disgust. Short and tall, thin and wide, all we can see are the differences. These differences are chips that fall away from our core. We need to open up. We need to stitch the gaps together. Slice the gaps open and then stitch them back together. This is a painful process, but one that will eventually be about healing. We will close the gaps at all cost....we will stop the bleeding, slice open and stitch it back.
Hatred is based on a gap in understanding. Hatred is caused by pulling two sides of a divide apart.
Those who hate on one side, must be made to understand at all costs. So some have to be sacrificed...one here, one there, and one more, and more and more........Until someone pays attention. Everyone should see the point, the sacrifices, the blood, the screams, the waste, the sad, sad waste. This is necessary until it all stops.
It is suggested to stop the hatred, someone will come to show them they're evil, someone will teach them the lessons of hatred. He will cut the holes until everyone learns that hatred must stop, HATRED MUST STOP!
Discrimination must stop, and Gap the movie, shows the way, I am listening to this man. He is here to teach us what he feels is the final lesson. Will you listen? Or will you pay the price?

WARNING:  This video is definitely not for the squeamish.  If you are offended by mutilation and foul language, as well as brief nudity, skip this trailer.

To go to the official web site, click here.  You can also order the DVD while you're there. 


Anonymous said...

This movie sucks a thick dick. Paul O, your life's a terrible movie. Stick to murdering crazy wives.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've yet to see this movie.. Mostly everyone's has their opinions. It all depends how the movie was shot, the script.. how it was writen. If this was a over-the-top slasher movie, probalby I wouldn't buy it. I;d rather see a good slasher movie than a bad one..


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