Monday, December 1, 2008

Have Yourself A Creepy Little Christmas

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Glass Eye Pix & Beck Underwood are teaming up to showcase what they call the Creepy Christmas Film Festival. Every day between now and Christmas they will be posting a new short horror film for you to watch.

Click here to go to the official site. They've got a whole bunch of shorts from talented filmmakers on the way, such as Larry Fessenden (Habit, The Last Winter) and James Felix McKenney (Automatons).

Check the Creepy Christmas site every day for more shorts. Listed below is a list of the filmmakers and the date when they appear.

Dec. 1 – David Goldin
Dec. 2 – Glenn McQuaid
Dec. 3 – Sara Driver
Dec. 4 – Heather Sinclair
Dec. 5 – JT Petty
Dec. 6 – Michael Vincent
Dec. 7 – Devin Febbroriello
Dec. 8 – Larry Fessenden
Dec. 9 – Beck Underwood
Dec. 10 – Isabel Samaras, Marcos & Nico Sorensen
Dec. 11 – Brandon Taylor & Eric Branco
Dec. 12 – Merrill Rauch, Gareth, Maud & Sam Brown
Dec. 13 – Brahm Revel
Dec. 14 – Jim Mickle
Dec. 15 – Annie Nocenti
Dec. 16 – Graham Reznick
Dec. 17 – Peter Sis
Dec. 18 – Voltaire
Dec. 19 – David Leslie – part I
Dec. 20 – Oliver Noble & Sam Falconi
Dec. 21 – David Leslie – part II
Dec. 22 – Janet Kusmierski & Greg Singer
Dec. 23 – James Felix McKenney
Dec. 24 – Mary Harron, John C., Ruby & Ella Walsh
Dec. 25 – Matt Lenski

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