Sunday, December 28, 2008

Godzilla Vs. The Thing: My Favorite Godzilla Movie.

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I've mentioned Hulu.Com and Fancast.Com quite a bit over the last year. And now I've discovered a great site with films and TV shows that are not on those sites. It's called Joost. It was there that I found this Godzilla movie, which was always my favorite of the Godzilla films. They have several of the Godzilla movies so you can find your favorite there.

<a href="">Godzilla vs. The Thing</a>
Godzilla Vs. The Thing, for those who don't know, is about a mysterious gigantic egg that washes ashore after a fierce typhoon. The twin fairies of Infant Island plea for the egg's return to Mothra, its rightful owner, but it's too late – greedy promoters have turned it into an amusement park attraction. Meanwhile Godzilla reawakens and tramples across Japan, heading straight for the big egg. Can Mothra save her offspring from Godzilla? Will Japan survive this epic monster battle?

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