Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Batteries Not Included: Gadgets For Your Computer

From CBS's "The Early Show",  CNET's Natalie Del Conte showed Debbye Turner Bell the best computer accessories for this holiday season.  They are also good for your computer after the holidays as well.

Items mentioned on the show are:

The iTornado is a system that enables you to hook up two PCs and transfer information. When you receive a new computer system, this is an easy way to transfer data from an old computer to the new one. It requires no batteries and is easy to use. It still takes some time to transfer that information, but at the price it's a more than reasonable value.
Price: $60
Seagate FreeAgent Hard Drive
This external backup hard drive is compatible with Macs, and is sleek and stylish. Easily take your photos, music, videos and documents everywhere, with the ultimate portable storage solution that includes the world's first hard drive docking station.
Price: $109
Clickfree Backup Drive
This drive finds, organizes and stores all the information on your hard drive. It works right out the box, and it doesn't require any software installation. It's a surefire way to keep all your data safe, with very little work for you.
Price: $150-$200
Lenovo Secure Drive
This external drive enables you to back up all your information with great security. It has a keypad right on it that enables you to program up to 10 individual passwords and user profiles. It hooks up to your computer easily, with a USB cable on the drive itself.
Price: $220
This is a compact scanner that takes in all your receipts. It scans the information off the receipts and inputs it directly into several operating systems. It can export files to Excel, Quicken, Acrobat, and more. It enables you to organize your expense reports in about half the time of manual input.
Price: $115
HP Photosmart Printer A636
This is an excellent at-home photo inkjet printer that's versatile and easy to use. We highly recommend the A636 for its significant photo quality improvements over the last model and an attractive design, to boot. It has a large touch screen, a ton of editing options, and easy desktop software installation. The quality of the prints is excellent.
Price: $120
Logitech PC Wireless Keyboard
This comes with a number of customizable options. A re-chargeable mouse is included in the package. The keyboard itself is comfortable and easy to use.
Price: $130
Microsoft Wireless Mouse
This mouse has a long battery life and is easy to install and use. It is ambidextrous, and has an innovative scroll wheel for easy use. It also comes in a variety of colors.
Price: $45

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