Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Latest Info On Mannix Season 2 DVD Release.

CBS Paramount Home Video has  announced that all of the original musical score and cues for every episode of Mannix Season Two has been included and not replaced! (They had been sharply criticized by fans for replacing some of the music in Season 2 of the Fugitive as well as many other TV titles.

All 25 episodes of Season 2 are included in this boxed set and are: `The Silent Cry,' Mannix chases kidnappers with the assistance of a deaf girl who lip read the plot of the crime; `Comes Up Roses,' Mannix fights a conspiracy of silence to find Rose Anderson, who was swallowed up by the underground she deserted; `Pressure Point,' Mannix's clues to court corruption were a few words gasped by a badly beaten man; `To the Swiftest, Death,' Mannix probes a race-car accident that killed an aerospace engineer; `End of the Rainbow,' Mannix probes the mysterious death of a recently released prison inmate who carried a scrap of paper with his name on it; `A Copy of Murder,' a manuscript gone missing holds the answer to a homicide; `Edge of the Knife,' kidnappers threaten to kill a doctor's son unless the surgeon lets a patient die on the operating table; `Who Will Dig the Graves?' revelations await Mannix in his search for a millionaire's wife; `In Need of a Friend,' Mannix finds new evidence in the case of an embezzler he helped convict; `Night Out of Time,' the likelihood that a young man killed a girl grows stronger as Mannix reconstructs the previous evening for him; `A View of Nowhere,' on a helicopter trip, Mannix thinks he sees a murder below; `Fear I to Fall; Death Run,' Mannix is called to testify against an ex-con he sent up, but this time suspects a frame; `A Pittance of Faith,' an old friend asks Mannix for help, but when he arrives at the man's rural town, he finds murder; `Only Giants Can Play,' Mannix takes a murder investigation into the political arena; `Shadow of a

Man,' Mannix tries to unravel a war hero's past in order to find out why he is being targeted for death; `The Girl Who Came in with the Tide,' Mannix believes a drowning victim was murdered; `Death in a Minor Key,' an enigmatic police chief, a bigoted witness and an interloper thwart Mannix's search for Peggy's boyfriend; `End Game,' a court martialed veteran seeks revenge against Mannix and a policeman, the last survivors of his combat unit; `All Around the Money Tree,' Mannix is lured to Mexico; `The Odds Against Donald Jordan,' Mannix is hired to locate a missing building contractor; `Last Rites for Miss Emma,' Mannix faces the loss of the friendship of Peggy Fair when he tells her that he suspects her new boyfriend of being the key man in the theft of 45 cartons of morphine; `The Solid Gold Web,' a newspaper publisher's daughter is implicated in the death of a mobster; `Merry Go Round for Murder,' a boarding school marked for demolition sets off a mystery; and `To Catch a Rabbit,' a bitter murder suspect claims the death was accidental.
Guest stars in Season 2 read like a `who's who' of the best actors and actresses from the era. Included are: Cloris Leachman, William Windom, Barbara Rush, Barbara Babcock, Gerald S. O'Laughlin, Harold J. Stone, Hugh Beaumont, Peter Haskell, Jill Ireland, Kathryn Hays, Ford Rainey, Eve Plumb, Fritz Weaver, Geraldine Brooks, Harry Dean Stanton, John Colicos, John Considine, Dana Elcar, Madlyn Rhue, Peter Donat, Patricia Barry, Philip Ahn, Yaphet Kotto, Anthony Zerbe, Steve Ihnat, Paul Winfield, and Sally Kellerman.

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