Wednesday, November 12, 2008

International Trailer For "The Day The Earth Stood Still

What looks to be a holiday blockbuster, this revamp of the science fiction classic starring Keanu Reeves, looks better and better with each new trailer.  Certainly it has more pizzazz than Steven Spielberg's "War Of The Worlds" And Will Smith's "I Am Legend".

The Day the Earth Stood Still is 20th Century Fox's contemporary reinvention of its 1951 classic. Keanu Reeves portrays Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our planet triggers a global upheaval. As governments and scientists race to unravel the mystery behind the visitor's appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson get caught up in his mission – and come to understand the ramifications of his being a self-described "friend to the Earth."

Watch the trailer and make your own conclusions about the film.

Here also is a featurette that was released in Taiwan.

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