Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Paul Newman Classic: Buffalo Bill And The Indians

Featuring a cast of over 500 people, this Robert Altman film, starring Paul Newman as Buffalo Bill, was released during the USA's bicentennial.  At the time, film critics and others felt that this movie was released to put a damper on the celebration of the nation's birthday.  Altman claimed that this was not true.

The plot for the movie, according to is as follows:

The film opens in 1885 with the arrival of an important new guest star in Cody’s grand illusion, Chief Sitting Bull (Frank Kaquitts) of Little Big Horn fame. Much to Cody's annoyance, Sitting Bull proves to be not a murdering savage but a genuine embodiment of what the whites believe about their own history out west--he is quietly heroic and morally pure. He also refuses to portray Custer's Last Stand as a cowardly sneak attack: instead, he asks Cody to act out the massacre of a peaceful Sioux village by marauding bluecoats. Enraged, Cody fires him but is forced to relent when star

attraction Annie Oakley (Chaplin) takes Sitting Bull's side.

Everyone has enjoyed "Cool Hand Luke", "The Sting", and "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid", but I'm willing to bet most people haven't watched this.  So don't include yourself in that group.  Sit down, click on the video and see a great Paul Newman performance.

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