Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Forest Whitaker Takes On "Satchmo".

"What A Wonderful World."  That is the title of the new Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong biopic that will be directed by and starring Oscar© winner Forest Whitaker.  Paris based Legende will be the studio behind the film.  They were also responsible for "La Vie En Rose".

Ron Bass, who will be the screenwriter, will be executive producer along with Oscar Cohen, executive of the Armstrong estate and the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.

This is the first bigscreen project to be authorized by the Armstrong estate. The story will begin during the musician’s  early years in New Orleans and primarily chronicle his career as a trumpet virtuoso and improvisational singer.

"What a Wonderful World" will begin shooting in the summer in Louisiana.

You may remember that Whitaker also portrayed jazz great Charlie Parker in the film "Bird".

This one should be a pretty good film as the life of Louis Armstrong, from what I've read in the past,  is pretty fascinating.

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