Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fancast Is Worth Checking Out.

Fancast offers the best TV and movies online and the best way to watch them.

On Fancast.com consumers get instant access to the best TV, movie and entertainment information available, including free full length videos from top networks and movie studios.  Fancast houses more than 4,500 hours of streaming free full length content, and more than 5,600 episodes from more than 100 video providers including top networks and movie studios.  In addition, Fancast offers a download store for consumers to rent or purchase movie and television content.

  • Fancast is the ideal entertainment site to access the best collection of TV shows and movies for free.  As the Web increasingly becomes a place to watch video content, Fancast continues to entertain fans with content from the top broadcast and cable networks and movie studios. Hit shows on Fancast from top networks:


The Office
30 Rock
The Biggest Losers: Family
My Name is Earl
Lipstick Jungle
Night Rider
Kath & Kim


Desperate Hous.
Dancing w/ Stars
Grey’s Anatomy
Ugly Betty
Extreme Makeover
Private Practice
Samantha Who?
Pushing Daisies
Dirty Sexy Money
Brothers & Sisters


CSI: Miami
Survivor: Gabon
Without a Trace
How I Met Your Mother
The Unit


The Simpsons
Prison Break
Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
Family Guy
King of the Hill
American Dad


Gilmore Girls
Jack and Bobby
The OC
One Tree Hill
Mad TV


  • Fancast is the first video aggregator to offer exclusive cable content from cable networks like Californication from Showtime.
  • Fancast is the first online site where users can watch, manage and locate entertainment on multiple platforms wherever it lives on TV, on demand, online, on DVDs or in the movie theater. 
  • Fancast is the only site that offers new and retro TV videos with a complete editorial package of entertainment content from more than 11 million pages of information.  On the home page not only will you find great content, but the site offers the latest news and gives suggestions on what’s hot that day and even what TV shows you need to catch up on. 
      • Fancast’s blog runs exclusive interviews with stars on some of the most popular shows and gives users the chance to explore multiple dimensions of their favorite entertainment.
      • The editorial content on Fancast is there to enhance the video experience, telling you why the over 37,000 videos on the site matter to your entertainment experience.
  • Users can rely on Fancast time and time again for the newest entertainment content, retro TV shows and movies, features, extras and the latest news from Hollywood on the Fancast blog.
  • Fancast is a great source of entertainment information that can also be used as a resource for those who follow the world of entertainment.  Fancast has more than 80,000 photos and 11 million pages of entertainment information from multiple databases.
  • Fancast will continue to evolve as an entertainment destination to enhance the end-user experience.  The site will continue to grow its functionality aligned with the roadmap we announced at CES in January.

Fancast is a great tool for entertainment consumption because it lets you know where to watch programming and reminds you when to catch your favorite shows and movies.

  • Fancast is the only Web site that will tell users where and when the content they want is playing and how they can watch it on Fancast, on TV, On Demand, in theaters or on DVD.  Fancast seamlessly connects viewers to Fandango to purchase movie tickets and to the new Fancast store to download or rent titles.
  • On Fancast users can search for and find video content and entertainment information they’re looking for on more than 11 million Web pages including information on more than 50,000 television shows, 80,000 movies and 1.2 million people combining multiple sources of entertainment information.
  • Fancast’s new “notify me” tool allows users set email preferences, including reminders for when a new episode of their favorite show is on Fancast or on linear TV.  Fans can manage those selections though the site’s notification and features section.

If you want to check it out, click on any of these links to go there and try it.  What can be better than free.

Official Fancast Links

The main page where you will find everything is at the first link.

Fancast - Click here to see it all!

Star Trek - Click here.

The Hills - Click here.

South Park - Click here.

The Young and the Restless - Click here.

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fancastfan said...

Hi, thanks for the shout-out to Fancast and I'm glad you discovered us. As you found, we have an amazing library of free TV shows (current hits and classics) and movies. Your readers might also get a kick out of our occasional themes. We are about to launch three weeks of classic TV shows with election-related episodes, for example, including a great Mary Tyler Moore Show from the golden age of CBS sit-coms that you really can't find too many other places.
Jim (for Fancast)


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