Saturday, October 18, 2008

Excellent Documentary: "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie".

When I was glancing through "The New York Times" on Friday, I was reading the movie reviews and I saw the name of Portsmouth, Ohio in one of the reviews.  A movie about Portsmouth?   You can read their review of the movie by clicking here.  I was surprised.  It opened yesterday.

I was interested in Portsmouth, Ohio mainly because that is where I grew up.  It's a relatively small town on the edge of the Ohio River where the Scioto River flows into it.

Portsmouth used to be a big industrial town but those days are long gone.  Unemployment and welfare run high there and most businesses are low paying service oriented jobs.  "Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?"

This movie is about two men from Portsmouth who are essentially Bigfoot hunters in their spare time.

The film provides a look at the trials and triumphs of life in the Appalachian foothills.  Through the experiences of Dallas and Wayne, you will see how the power of a dream can bring two men together in friendship and provide hope and meaning that transcends the harsh realities of life in a dying industrial town.

Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton are out to convince the world that Bigfoot exists.   They have amassed a vast library of video footage and still photographs after years of venturing into the woods and forests of Portsmouth to conduct their research.  They hope this material will prove the creatures existence and catapult them to wealth and fame.

Their appearance on the front page of a 1999 issue of "The Portsmouth Daily Times" served to spread the word throughout Ohio, but many skeptics remained.

After years of failed attempts to attract national attention to their work, Dallas convinces a high profile Bigfoot researcher from California to make a stop in Portsmouth to see his and Wayne's research locations during a national Bigfoot tour.  But a misstep by Wayne on an Internet radio talk show throws the future of their research and the strength of their friendship in doubt.

The California research team eventually shows up in Portsmouth, but the ensuing events leave Dallas and Wayne downtrodden.  In the aftermath, the two learn more about themselves, their friendship, and the fragile hope that sustains the American dream.

The film was directed by Jay Delaney, who originally comes from the Portsmouth area.

It all sounds very interesting, and the trailer is captivating as well.  Unfortunately for me and probably you as well, not too many films like this ever show in theaters in Las Vegas.  But hopefully either Sundance of IFC will pick it up and you'll someday be able to watch it there.  If you are among the few that have seen it, post a comment.

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