Monday, September 22, 2008

My Three Sons Arrives On DVD On September 30th! (But At What Cost?)

I have been waiting for this one to come out on DVD for quite a while, as have many others, I'm sure.  Well, in just eight short days it will be here.  And, if you preorder it at you can save about 13 bucks.  Order now and it's only $26.99!  Right now you can get to it by just clicking on the picture of it on the spinning carousel on the left. 

I did notice that a lot of comments at the amazon page are of people who are, in a word, miffed at CBS/Paramount for doing what they are becoming good at and that is releasing these shows that people really want in half seasons but charging full dvd dollars. 

That's one reason why if you insist on having it your best bet for now is to preorder at Amazon.  After that, who knows what it will shoot up to (suggested retail is 39.95).

Here is just one example of a commenter at Amazon that is not really happy with CBS/Paramount:

35 of 42 people found the following review helpful:

1.0 out of 5 stars CBS/PARAMOUNT - Truly An Evil Empire!, August 11, 2008

Glenn M. Schoditsch (Richmond, Virginia) - See all my reviews

Never in the relatively brief history of the DVD has there been such a prime example of a greedy, short sighted, narcissistic, indifferent QA/QC and downright mean spirited entity such as CBS/Paramount.
At a time when family income is stretched, CBS/Paramount dangles classic American TV treasures before the eyes of the very core fans of the product; baby boomer families (AND their greatest generation parents; those fortunate to have them still). The media offered? Exorbitantly priced half season sets, sets with music altered or completely replaced, grainy transfers full of artifactual trash, sets with edited footage & missing laugh tracks and so on.
We as consumers must enjoin CBS/Paramount to realize that the American consumer ever so hungry for the media offered will take just but so much abuse before "Just Saying NO"!
This offering of My Three Sons: Season One, Vol. 1, (a perfect classic American TV treasure) at ~$2.22 per a 25 minute episode is a direct finger in the eye of a huge consumer demographic. CBS/Paramount, I know you have heard our voices; but you don't care enough to be listen!

With that being said, decide for yourself.  As for me, I've gone ahead and ordered it anyway.

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Clyde said...

I won't buy it. When they do this, they price themselves right out of my market. But that won't stop me from owning it. Generally, if the price is right I will buy. I've already ordered Season Two of Father Knows Best and Season One of Donna Reed, both full seasons and priced less.

It makes no sense at all when you pay practically the same for full seasons of Mannix, Hawaii Five-O, Mission: Impossible and so many others. I had seen that earlier and had left my own comment at Amazon.


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