Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just How Negative Are Today's Campaign Ads?

Lately, you keep hearing about negative campaign ads between McCain and Obama, most of them less than truthful.  Here are an example of ads from this year's election cycle.

Thanks To A Website Called "The Living Room Candidate", which is run by The Museum Of The Moving Image, you can take a look at campaign ads all the way back to 1952.  It is a fascinating glimpse of politics through the years and also shows that in the last 56 years, not much has changed.  Here is just a small preview of some of the ads they have, starting with my favorite, an attack on Spiro T. Agnew from 1968.

With over 300 campaign ads, you can visit this website  for hours.  To go there, just click here.  To visit the Museum Of The Moving Image, you can click here.


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