Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall TV News Clips

24 Shuts Down For 14.

24 Variety reports that production on the Fox show 24 has halted for two weeks so that the last six episodes can be retooled. 20th Century Fox TV confirmed that production will shut down on September 15. According to Executive Producer Howard Gordon was unhappy with the direction the season was taking in it's final episodes.

The Fox studio said they were able to do this because they are way ahead of schedule of filmed episodes. Eight of the coming seasons episodes were filmed before the writer's strike, which in turn canceled programming until January 2009.

The only thing I can say about this, is either 24 is going into a downward spiral, or great things are coming. Stay tuned.

Prison Break Freed By Pirates

prison_break_tv_show The Fox network has more bad news as apparently more than a million downloads of episode one of Prison Break were pirated from such services as BitTorrent. Fox aired the first episode on Monday and posted it at one of my favorite places, on Tuesday. Most of the downloads were from overseas.

That led News Corp. to issue a warning to international pirates this week: "Our litigation strategy against BitTorrent in the U.S. has been successful, and we've managed to shut down the major pirate sites." Additionally News Corp. said the following, "We are pursuing similar strategies internationally and anticipate success there as well."

90210 Already Receiving Wrath Of PTC

90210d The L.A. Times is reporting that the Parents Television Council is already calling for a boycott because of an opening scene of 90210, a revamp of the once popular Beverly Hills, 90210. The scene in question shows a boy sitting in a car and then a girl's head rising. If the CW's marketing is any indication, it is a boycott that plays right into their hand, as their new advertisement for Gossip Girl, another CW show, features two teenagers in bed under the headline: "Mind-blowingly inappropriate" -- a quote that came from the Parents Television Council.

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