Friday, June 27, 2008

Top Spin 3 Hits Your Court! Give This New Widget A Lob!


Top Spin 3 incorporates various new features including:

New gameplay controls: Intuitive controls, now incorporating the right thumbstick, allow for precise movements and shot variety providing gamers with an unprecedented tennis experience.
Signature style: The world's best players are accurately depicted like never before with actual apparel, equipment and swing animations.
Tennis legends: For the first time ever, play with or against legendary figures of the tennis world.
2K Sports online: Play against anyone, anywhere, anytime in up to four game modes including singles, doubles, quick-match, and a comprehensive world tour with live stat tracking.
All-new soundtrack: New music is included featuring Jamiroquai, Calvin Harris, Boys Like Girls, The Go! Team, Stone Roses, and Franz Ferdinand.
World Tour(PS3): Here you can participate online tournaments, exibition matches etc. World Tour resets every 14 days.
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