Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alone In The Dark: A Look At Edward Carnby

This is a look at the main character in Alone In The Dark, Edward Carnby.

The following biography was released by Eden Games. Edward Carnby, born in 1897 in New Orleans was raised in a loving and well-to-do household. Here Carnby’s parents encouraged him to develop his sense of curiosity, adventure and free spirit. After his formative years, and against the will of his parents, Carnby joined the army and specialized in covert operations along with intensive hand-to-hand and weapons training, moving up to rank of first lieutenant until he was unceremoniously dismissed. In search of a new life after the army, Carnby began concentrating all his efforts to the study of physics, chemistry, religion and art history. During this time, he was recruited to investigate paranormal activity in a haunted Louisiana mansion called the Derceto. This experience with the paranormal, along with Carnby’s innate sense of curiosity, led him on the path of paranormal investigations. In a short amount of time, he soon became a renowned investigator specializing in paranormal affairs. During one of his cases, Carnby befriended a 14-year-old orphan named Theophile Paddington whom he took under his wing and utilized his assistance in paranormal cases. Carnby never stopped his research in art or religion and was especially interested in the occult and other such “forbidden” matters. In this search for a forbidden lore in China, Carnby discovered a strange stone amulet. Not knowing the powers that this stone possessed, he brought back the stone and commenced research with the help of the young, yet promising, Theo. But the stone revealed itself to be a powerful artifact, evil and corruptive. Realizing quickly that the stone was not only a danger to his young pupil, but also to the whole of humanity, Carnby left the continent for Europe to dispose of the amulet. More than 70 years after his journey to Europe Carnby awakens in New York with no memory of his past and with no changes to his physical appearance. Despite his amnesia, Carnby’s nature is still formidable and resilient. Now, against the back drop of New York City, Carnby must not only battle against insurmountable odds and apocalyptic forces but also seek the truth and to uncover the secret.

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