Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When A Tax Petition Threatens Jobs.

I received the following video in my email. I guess it was sent to everyone at MGM/Mirage Corporation that had a computer. The video is from our CEO, Mr. Terri Lanni. He explains why a tax petition, aimed at Nevada casinos is a bad deal not only for the corporation, but also for the citizens of this state. I think he makes a lot of since, especially since the money that would be raised is not earmarked for any specific programs, but merely to give teachers a big fat raise. He says that it would be a 44 percent increase in taxes that casinos would pay. To me, that translates to less spending on construction, but especially spending on employees. In other words, huge layoffs and cuts in benefits. Although I'm in a union position and we still have four years on our contract, I'm sure that if this thing gets on the ballot and passes, trying to negotiate a new contract will end up being a living hell. So, if anyone from Vegas (I'm sure the whiny teachers will disagree) reads this and watches the video, listen to Mr. Lanni's words and DON'T sign the petition.

1 comment:

Clyde said...

Of course, I don't know that much about this but it would seem to me that with the economy going in the tank, with fuel prices being what they are, a 44 percent tax hike especially for a place like Vegas that depends so much on tourism would be tantamount to suicide. Have I got that right?


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