Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More On Cancer

Pictured is Emma and my sister Peggy.

Today we finally received some good news!

The biopsy on Emma's right breast came back negative for cancer. She will have only her left breast removed. Also the supplemental results of her first biopsy showed some good indicators as far as how aggresive the cancer is and it's treatability.

We're a long way from out of the woods. The true determining factor will be when they biopsy the lymph nodes during the surgery tomorrow. If they come back clean, it will be a cause for celebration.

Yesterday, I took Emma to the local Susan G. Komen Foundation so that she could ask questions and get information. They provided her with a pink bag, filled with extremely helpful information as well as a homemade quilt, a hat in case she has chemo, a t-shirt, and a stuffed bunny. Emma was delighted with what they provided and it lifted her spirits. Susan G. Komen is a great organization and I hope everyone supports them. I also hope that all of our family and friends show their support and sponsor Peggy in her race for the cure. You can sponsor her by going to her Susan G. Komen page by clicking here.

When we got home, a package from my sister Elana in Ohio arrived that contained a Longaberger Hope Basket. It was a pleasant surprise as I thought she was just sending a package to restock my Frisch's tartar sauce. Emma immediately placed it in the center of her curio cabinet.

So, tomorrow at noon the surgery will begin. From then on, it's one day at a time to do everything that can be done to whip this thing. I'll keep you informed. As I said in a previous post, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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Clyde said...

Nice picture. I'm glad you got some good news for a change. Let's hope there is more tomorrow. I'll be at work but I'll be thinking about all of you. Take care.


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