Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If You Like Movie Trivia Like Me...

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is the star-studded installment of the new social gaming series that delivers the worlds greatest Hollywood trivia event live in your living room! The Buzz! buzzers are so easy to use that you and 8 of your family and friends will have fun competing as a contestant on this new interactive game show. Fans of tinsel town pop culture will be challenged to test their trivia knowledge on over 5000 questions spanning a number of topics including Hollywood’s greatest box office hits and the lifestyle of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars. The new installment features a huge variety of movie clips, pictures, celebrity images, sound bites and more.
· Transform your living room into the world’s largest celebrity trivia event and compete with up to 8 of your family and friends.
· Easy to use Buzz! Buzzers allows trivia fans, movie buffs and celebrity hounds to answer questions with the simple push of a button.
· New and improved round types include Rollover, Fact or Fiction and Hollywood Stars!
· In-game multimedia assets include still images, celebrity images, sound clips, quotes, location shots, Hollywood trivia, and more.
You can get more information and see what the gaming world has to say about it by clicking here.
I have a copy of this game coming and will let you know how it is. Movie trivia is something I would challenge you to!

1 comment:

Clyde said...

I'd have to play it at your house. There's nobody here for me to play with as I would wipe the floor with them so they wouldn't even play me. As for Audrey, solitaire is her idea of a grand time.


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