Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prayers Gratefully Accepted

I can't say that I've had many events in my life where I thought I must be dreaming. But today came as one of those moments, when we went to my wife Emma's surgeon. Last week she had a lumpectomy and biopsy to remove a lump from her breast. This on a woman who, in our twelve years of marriage, I could count on one hand the number of times she has even had a cold.

We both went there knowing he was going to tell us that the lumps were non-cancerous and that she had a clean bill of health. Neither of us were prepared for the news.

Her surgeon told us that it was, in fact, cancer. She has an invasive ductal carcinoma and they had removed not just one lump, but five. His recommendation is that she has a mastectomy but is having her get a second opinion so that she will be comfortable with her decision. He will also have to check her lymph nodes to see if the cancer is spreading.

If any of you have faith in God, please add her to your prayers. I think if you let her know by leaving a comment it would lift her spirits.

From time to time I will make a post on this so that you can keep updated and see that your prayers are working.

I'm posting these two videos of Emma so that you can get to know her. I think both of these show the love and warmth that emanates from her.

1 comment:

Clyde said...

Gee, you should have said something. I hope everything will be alright with Emma because you know both Audrey and I think she is the greatest. She's always been so kind and thoughtful when we've been there. If there is anything you need or we can do let us know.


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