Saturday, January 19, 2008

Barack Obama Visits Bellagio Employee Dining Room

The picture on the left is yours truly, riesen2b, shaking hands with Presidential Candidate, Sen. Barack Obama in "Mangia!", the employee dining room at Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Senator Obama was allowed to visit early this morning, much to the chagrin of the Clinton campaign. They had pressed hard to keep him out of the casino, even though Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea had spent the entire previous afternoon campaigning in the employee area. This is the same campaign (Hillary's) that tried to stop the voting in the casinos by filing a lawsuit to try and stop it. That lawsuit was thrown out on thursday by a federal judge. As of this post, it appears that Hillary will win by a percentage of 51% to 45% for Obama. Not exactly a mandate for her to be the candidate considering a day earlier a Review-Journal poll had her leading in double-digits.

The video is just a short clip of Senator Obama as he makes his way through the employee dining room at Bellagio.

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