Monday, December 17, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Back For Christmas (courtesy of

If you haven't heard of Hulu, Google it. They are in beta testing right now. I think it's a dual project of NBC, Universal, Fox, and maybe others. It is a video website where you can watch tons of old and new episodes of television series. And in many cases you can embed the episodes on your website as I am doing here with this Christmas episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". Since they are in beta you can sign up but must wait until they notify you before you can become a test member. I think I waited about a month. So far I've found the site to be excellent.

1 comment:

Clyde said...

Somehow, Hitchcock and Christmas don't go together. However, there is a good Christmas episode of The Twilight Zone. I used to have it but don't know if I still do.


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