Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Clay Aiken: The JERICHO Connection

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Clay Aiken is taking credit for keeping the CBS series "Jericho" on the air. A report from "In Touch Weekly" claims that after blogging about how upset he was when CBS cancelled the apocalyptic drama the American Idol star claims he encouraged his fans to take action. "Within a week, the Claymates had organized a campaign among Jericho fans to send nuts to CBS," says Clay. "And it's back on the air. It just blows my mind."

But Jeff Braverman, the CEO of – the web site that helped angry Jericho fans send 20 tons of peanuts to CBS in protest – got a bit salty when he heard Clay's claims. "We never heard from him!" He says. "[Radio personality] Shaun 'Omac' Daily in Las Vegas came up with the nuts idea.


Meanwhile, Jericho stars are happy the show is back. "I heard that Clay was a fan, but I never thought he'd rally his fan base," Skeet Ulrich tells In Touch. "I appreciate it!" Ashley Scott adds she's just glad Clay didn't watch the show that was competing against Jericho in the same time slot. "It's funny that Clay wasn't watching American Idol!" she says.

Skeet Ulrich says his mother sent him the Houston Chronicle article in which Clay boasted about saving Jericho. "If Clay wants to take credit, so be it. "Jericho is back," says Braverman, who helped organize the nuts campaign.

I guess he had to come up with something to get his name in the news since his career is stuck in neutral.


Jericho Saved said...

You are so right. Neutral. His Claymates did pitch in to help us but that was well after the Nuts campaign began.

Anonymous said...

It was an honest mistake, I don't believe he knew how large the campaign was before he blogged. Clayfans and Rangers have a lot in common, we both are very organized and work really hard for a worthwhile cause.

He doesn't need the publicity, he just wanted this wonderful show saved and was grateful it was. He also got a few thousand people watching the show that weren't before. Now they are also hooked on this wonderful program!

riesen2b said...

Well, either way, let's just be glad the fans out there brought it back. It was the only new show of the season that I watched every week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he realized that there was already quite a groundswell in place to save the show. He did strongle encourage his Claymates to send letters and do what they could to save the show. Many did send nuts and joined in on the campaign. There are a lot of them watching it now that weren't before.

His career is far from in neutral, by the way. He's working on his 4th CD and he's in the middle of a Summer tour playing all over California this week, including The Greek Theater. He has another tour starting in November through the end of the year, a Christmas Special on NBC and a stint as a Celebrity contestant on "So You Think You're Smarter Than A 5th Grader".


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