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The Trouble With Angels On TCM In Widescreen!

Update On June 06, 2008

"I've got the most scathingly, brilliant idea!"

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Another of my favorite movies.

The rare "letterboxed" (widescreen) version will air ONCE in July on Turner Classic Movies!
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 4:00PM Eastern Time 1:00PM Pacific Time

The Trouble with Angels is a 1966 comedy film starring Rosalind Russell and Hayley Mills set in a fictional all-girls Catholic boarding school operated by an order of nuns. Russell plays the Mother Superior, who spends the movie at odds with Mary Clancy (Mills), a rebellious teenager, and her misery-loves-company friend Rachel Devery (June Harding).
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The movie, which follows an episodic storyline that follows the young women through their high-school years, also stars Marge Redmond (who also appeared as a nun in the television series The Flying Nun) as Sister Liguori, Mary Wickes (who also played a nun in Sister Act, and its sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit) as Sister Clarissa. Gypsy Rose Lee is also featured in the movie.
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The film marked a departure for Mills, who was attempting to emerge from her juvenile leads in Walt Disney-produced teen comedies as a comedic actress in this production directed by Actress/Director Ida Lupino.

The film enjoyed good reviews and enough success to warrant a sequel (Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows). However, Mills opted not to reprise her role as the progressive protagonist and was replaced by Stella Stevens, who played Sister George, foil to Rosalind Russell’s Mother Superior.

Uncharacteristically, Russell criticized Mills' professionalism in her memoirs. Russell credited her Catholic-school education as inspiration for her role as Mother Superior.
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The film was based on the memoir Life with Mother Superior by Jane Trahey, in which Trahey told the true story of her high-school years at a convent boarding school near Chicago in the 1930s.
Source: Wikipedia
Here's a couple of memorable clips from the movie.

UPDATED: June 6, 2008
Just thought I would add these two new photos that I found at One is a movie poster and the other is of the soundtrack which was composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

Also, to read a well written movie review and analysis of The Trouble With Angels, go here.


Clyde said...

So are you going to get the Turner wide screen version or do you want me to send you the DVD version? If it's Turner, I have to wait until it airs of course because my current one I taped off of there a couple of years ago doesn't cut it.

riesen2b said...

Go ahead and send the dvd version. I'll be working at that time and will probably forget to record it.

Clyde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clyde said...

Email me your address. I have it somewhere but I've been busy moving files to my new external hard drive and don't exactly have my files in order yet. Send it to my new email address which I'm switching over to because it's much easier to use.

And you could have put my clip up if you wanted. It's on my story blog, in Laurie And Dag Part - The Story Behind the story part IV. You can red the surrounding text to see why I used the clips.


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