Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Season Two American Idol Contestant Olivia Mojica Goes Hardcore!

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I’s official: The sex tape featuring an “American Idol” castoff is real … real dirty. TMZ has obtained the exclusive first images of the shocking video, featuring Season Two contestant Olivia Mojica. Here’s one pair of lungs Simon won’t dis! The video, which Mojica made with her boyfriend a month ago in her New York City apartment, is set to hit shelves on May 3, courtesy of Vivid Entertainment, the adult entertainment company behind Kim Kardashian’s X-rated romp. Vivid is currently hosting the uncut trailer at

They say that timing is everything in showbiz. In the case of season 2 American Idol contestant Olivia Mojica, better timing could have propelled her to the finals, and probably would have got her the win. Had this sex tape come out when she was still on the show, she’d have been a shoe in to win the whole thing I’m guessing. Her sexy, yet sweet looks coupled with a porn video would have gotten every able bodied male in America dialing in to vote for her. Anyway, what’s done is done. She may not have won, but we’ll still get to see her tape. I like the way things turned out for her.

Source: HollywoodTuna.Com

1 comment:

Clyde said...

Well, I saw one with Jenna Lewis from Survivor and her new husband. Of course, I just happened to run across it and immediately turned it off immediately when I realized what it was.


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