Monday, May 21, 2007

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - Behind The Scenes

I admit it. I'm a BIG Harry Potter fan and was pleasantly surprised to find this video of behind the scenes footage. Supposedly, it's been shown on television, but I never heard about it. Maybe they showed it overseas.
You can see it by going here.

Meanwhile, here are 13 other clips from the movie.


Clyde said...

Do you know that I've only seen the first two movies. Guess I better get busy catching up. How long do I have.

Btw, send me your phone number. Send it to my blog address.

Mrs. Thuro said...

I'm a HUGE HP fan too. Last time when the 4th movie came out, I think I watched every available behind the scenes, trailer, and pirated clip I could find. I'm trying to refrain from doing so this time...but it's getting increasingly difficult.


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