Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fast Guy Cookin' With riesen2b

My new cooking show! What do you think? Watch out Rachel Ray. There's a new chef in town! I hope The Food Network is paying attention! hahhha

Wolfgang Puck, eat your heart out!


Clyde said...

You crack me up...lol. I think I could handle that meal though. Of course, all i have is margarine so I better be putting in some real butter.

riesen2b said...

For time constraints, I didn't mention how to clarify butter. You melt it, freeze it, and then drain out the water that forms at the bottom. This keeps the butter from burning. BTW, the butter in the video was not clarified.

Maurits said...

Nice to have found your blog. I did via VEOH in fact. I'm not a member there, I use Blip.tv and have my personal videoblog at http://www.mauritsburgers.com .
I love your videos at Veoh.
Great to see you again Paul, anda .... Nice Jamie Oliver stuff in this one ;-

riesen2b said...

Thanks Maurits! Nice to hear from you. Wow! Me and Jamie Oliver in the same sentence! I'm speechless!


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