Sunday, March 4, 2007

Huge 7.5 Billion City Center In Las Vegas

Las Vegas City Center Project Is Well Under Way!
This is a short video of the Las Vegas City Center that is being constructed by MGM/Mirage. With a pricetag of over seven billion dollars, it is a huge project encompassing four hotels, two condo towers, a casino (of course), entertainment, shopping and dining. Six months ago this area shown on the film was still a parking lot. It is currently slated to open by 2009.


Clyde said...

I've already reserved my room...not. I'm glad you started your own blog to put your video's on. Making comments on you tube is a pain in the butt.

riesen2b said...

Thanks for visiting. Well, guess what? Now that I've started this we will be gone for the week, so no new posts until we get back! Talk to you later.

Clyde said...

Your week is up.

riesen2b said...

I know. We got back tonight. See the new post for evidence.

Clyde said...

Oh. Welcome home.


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